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Behind the Scenes

Founded by Erica Lundeen, in August of 2009, Niche Boutique has been a vital part of the Indianapolis fashion scene since the day their doors opened in Broad Ripple village. With a fashion design background & retail experience dating back to her teen years, Erica returned to Indy for a family visit & stumbled upon an available piece of real-estate, in an extremely prime location, & immediately knew that she could create a boutique that would fill an otherwise missing niche in our city.

Fast forward to October of 2013, when Erica mentioned in passing, to two new friends, that she & her husband were expecting their first baby & she would be selling Niche & focusing her energies on this next chapter of her life. What began as a lighthearted conversation amongst ladies, turned into a series of events that would change all three of their lives.

Enter Brenda Schultz & Lanie Lopez...


Brenda, co-founder of The Naked Monkey, (with four locations across indianapolis), a wife & a mother of two, probably never envisioned getting herself into an entirely new business venture, let alone taking on another business partner, but that's exactly what she did on November 8th, 2013.

There aren't adequate words to convey the gratitude I feel for the opportunity that Brenda gave to me, by taking a huge leap of faith on a new partner & a new business venture. With years of experience & a wealth of knowledge under her belt, Brenda has not only been my financial saving grace, my friend & business partner, but also my voice of reason & stability during moments of being overwhelmed by business ownership. I can only hope to one day be half the businesswoman that Brenda is.

Although Brenda has her hands full with her "Monkeys" & her family, she always makes a point to stop in the boutique at least once a week. Whether she's surprising me with homemade treats, or buying the latest sweater she's fallen in love with, you've likely crossed paths with the lady who made my dream become a reality.

The last nine months have been a series of trials & errors, and many lessons learned, but every day I find myself more in love with this new life of fashion & retail than I ever would have imagined. I may not always look the part, with my top-knot & t-shirt, but as a wise woman once told me, "that's the trademark look of a hardworking business owner".

Also, a special thank you to Erica for the many hours she spent giving me a crash course in fashion, merchandising, buying & selling. I'll never forget those first early mornings of re-merching with you & feeling like I'd never be able to do it on my own. Thank you for trusting Brenda & I to continue to nurture & grow your first born "baby". You continue to be a resource that I'll forever be grateful for!!

Cheers to the future of Niche Boutique & thank you to all of our loyal #ShopNiche #babes who make coming to work each day a true pleasure! Don't ever hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.: lanie@shopnicheboutique.com

(Aug. 2014)


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